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Tim Bainey Jr. officially finished 28th in his NASCAR Nationwide Debut at Dover International Speedway in the 5-Hour Energy 200

Quite a weekend for Tim Bainey Jr. in NASCAR Nationwide Debut

Tim Bainey Jr. officially finished 28th in his NASCAR Nationwide Debut at Dover International Speedway in the 5-Hour Energy 200 Saturday, but the weekend was a pretty eventful one for the driver of the #24 Window World/DelGrosso Chevrolet.

“Well if you could of asked me on lap 149 how our weekend was going, I’d say we had overcome just about everything and were well on our way to what I thought was going to be a top-20 finish,” said Tim Jr.

But on lap 150 the day took a turn as Tim Jr. was wrecked by leader and eventual race winner Joey Logano in the #18 Dollar General Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing. The crash quickly sparked off some controversy as noted by the race commentators, most vocal was 2012 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee Rusty Wallace who voiced his opinion several times over as ESPN kept replaying the crash… that quite simply “that was uncalled for”.

“I was surprised when Joey got into us,” said Tim Jr. “I’ve known him for a long time, and really think a lot of him. I didn’t see him after the race, but it wasn’t like I was holding him up – once we got lapped I was more than giving the leaders room. I was moving to the bottom just like we did with everyone else and he just didn’t want to wait until the straightaway to go around us. I’m still hoping he didn’t know it was me in the car when he got into us – but there is nothing we can do to change it now. It was just a tough way to end our run.”

The controversy over the incident was discussed not only during the ESPN coverage, but on a number of followup and highlight shows after the event.

“I did some interviews after the race and later that night, most of them agreed that he shouldn’t have done it. There were a few that said – well you have to get out of the way – to which I was glad to respond.”

“We were a few laps down, but most people probably didn’t know that we had to make a green flag stop about lap 80 and lost 2 right there. We did get lapped on the track I think 3 times by the leaders, but so did a lot of other drivers. We were running in 24th place and giving everyone plenty of room the whole time and didn’t have a mark on the car.”

“The biggest point I wanted to emphasis and I think the reason it sparked all the controversy is that I wasn’t racing him for that position – I was simply getting out of the way for him to pass us coming off the corner and he hit us from behind.”

“It would have been different if I had held him up for a whole lap, was running side by side and holding him up, but we were just giving him room like we had all day and for some reason he made that move. There is nothing we can do to change it, but I hate it for the team. SR2 Motorsports gave me a great opportunity and the crew worked so hard. And I want to thank Benny Gordon for REALLY helping me a lot throughout the weekend.”

The race wasn’t the only part of the weekend that had its share of tough times for Tim Jr.

“We had to cut our practice short on Friday because I was sick. I hated it for the team, but it was the worst I’ve ever felt at a race track and out of all weekends it had to happen on this one,” said Tim Jr.

“I knew we had a pretty decent car during practice, but when you are trying to run these cars right on the edge of out of control – you have to be sharp. We were 1.7 off the fastest time at that point, and I was confident we could pick up at least a second with stickers and I was wearing down. So we packed it in for the day and got ready for qualifying.”

“I was feeling pretty good Saturday,” said Tim Jr. “We were all ready for qualifying but unfortunately we had an issue with the cowl of the car (the air intake for the engine), and that kept the car from ever getting up to speed… so that was tough. But fortunately we were still in the show.”

After all of that Tim Jr. and the #24 Window World / DelGrosso Team laid out a plan and things were going along pretty well. They had worked their way up inside the top-25 and were looking at a 20-21st place finish when the incident with Logano took place.

“Overall it was a great experience for me. The team was very easy to work with and we got a lot of air time for our sponsors. They did a small piece on us during practice on Friday and covered us during qualifying on Saturday which is really important as we try to put these deals together in the future.”

Keep up on all the latest info on Tim Bainey Jr. and his future plans at www.timjr.com



Tim Bainey Jr and the #27 Window World/DelGrosso Racing Team earn a Top-Ten Finish in their NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Debut


“It was a pretty nice finish for our Window World/DelGrosso Racing Team,” said Tim Jr. as he finally got a chance to sit down after a long day at the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield.

“We had a pretty good car tonight,” he continued. “It would have been nice to have had a few more laps in practice, but with everything that went on today… a Top Ten Finish in our First NASCAR Race right here in Central PA was great!”

Tim Jr. and the #27 Window World/DelGrosso Team had a few curves thrown at them throughout the day, most notably was Tim Jr’s afternoon trip to the hospital to have some metal removed from his eye between practice and qualifying.

“That made things a little tough,” said Tim Jr. “My brother (crew chief Dan Bainey) and the crew really pulled things together for me while I was gone. My eye was bothering me all morning, I had the on site Paramedics take a look at it and they saw something but wasn’t sure. Luckily my youngest brother Randy (who just happens to be in medical school) flew back into town for the race. He took a good look, we made a few phone calls and within about 45 minutes I was headed to meet Dr. Rickard of the Laurel Eye Clinic in Brookville.”

“We ended up being gone for about 2 ½ hours and made it back 5 minutes prior to qualifying. It took a lot of help from everyone to keep things running at the track while I was gone, but they did a great job!”

Tim Jr would arrive back at the CNB Bank Raceway Park just in time to strap in and qualify the #27 Window World/DelGrosso Chevrolet 15th on the starting grid.

“The car was really good. It’s hard to jump in and go that fast right even when things are going smoothly for you, with all the circumstances we were pretty happy with the time we posted.”

When the Green Flag fell for the “Samuel 150” it was back to normal for Tim Jr. and the Window World/DelGrosso Team.

“Timmy had a rough day,” said Crew Chief (and younger brother) Dan Bainey. “But once he got about 5 laps into the race, I could tell we were in for a good night!”

Tim Jr and the team paced themselves for the first 75 laps of the 150 lap event, learning what they could about the car, the track, and devising a plan on exactly what needed to be done to be there when it counted at the end of the night.

“It was our first time with this car in a race, and these guys who run every week are pretty sharp,” said Dan. “We were pretty close, but once we got to that halfway point and were able to make some adjustments… then we were right in the middle of things.”

Tim Jr. was thinking the same thing. “We talked it over before the race, and a lot during the first 50 laps. My brother and I work great together and as tough as it was to pace ourselves… the plan really worked out.”

After the halfway break, Tim Jr. would battle his way up inside the Top-10. A late race caution made things interesting as the field was tightened back up for a green, white, checkered finish. When it was all finished, the #27 Window World/DelGrosso Team came home with a 10th place finish in their NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Debut.

“It was a great way for NASCAR Racing to make its return to the region,” said Tim Jr. “I have to thank Chad Shirey and everyone at Window World for coming out and supporting us tonight - it was great to have them all here! And I have to say a big thanks to everyone in the DelGrosso Family for all their support, it was great to be able to run with them right here in front of our hometown crowd!”

Keep up with Tim Bainey Jr. and the Window World / DelGrosso Racing Team at www.timjr.com.  

 Tim Bainey Jr. gets ready for NASCAR K&N Pro Series East Debut at his own CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, PA


Photo Gallery from DelGrossos Amusement Park Summer Thunder 2012 HERE


Tim Bainey Jr. will be competing for his family owned team at his family owned track for the first time ever in his NASCAR Racing Career when he straps into the #27 Window World / DelGrosso Chevy for the "Samuel Metal 150" July 14th at the CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, PA.


"I'm really excited about this weekend," said Tim Jr. "We get to run at our own track for the first time ever, and it will be my only race of the season in Pennsylvania."

"I'm sure we are going to have a lot of fans at the CNB Bank Raceway Park Saturday, and I'm hoping we can take Window World and DelGrossos to victory lane for this big event."


The Schedule for Saturday July 14th is as follows;

Practice from 1-3pm

Qualifying at 6:00pm

Driver Autograph Session 6:45pm

"Samuel Metal 150" at 8:00pm


For more information and event details visit www.cnbbankracewaypark.com




Tim Bainey Jr. to make First NASCAR Nationwide Series Start at Dover June 2nd


Tim Bainey Jr. will take one more step through the ranks of NASCAR when he makes his first start in the NASCAR Nationwide Series “5-Hour Energy 200” Saturday June 2nd at Dover International Raceway in the #24 Window World/DelGrosso Foods Chevy for SR2 Motorsports.


“I’m really excited for this opportunity,” said Bainey Jr. “I have to thank Chad Shirey with Window World and the DelGrosso Family for putting me in a position to be able to do this. It’s something I’ve been working towards throughout my career and it’s great to be able to make our first start in the Nationwide Series at a track just a few hours from home.”

The Pennsylvania Driver is hoping for a weekend that will resemble his debut in the NASCAR Truck Series a few years ago at the very same track where he came home with an impressive 14th place finish.


“We did have a great run here in the NASCAR Truck Series a few years ago and I love the track. I’m sure the Nationwide Series will be a little tougher, but the team is really coming together and I’m looking forward to a great weekend.”


The event will be televised LIVE on ESPN at 1:30pm on Saturday, June 2. Visit www.timjr.com for more info and event details.



Tim Bainey Jr. to Drive the #27 Window World / DelGrosso Chevy in Select NASCAR Series Events

It was announced today that Tim Jr. will pilot the #27 Window World / DelGrosso Chevy in select NASCAR Series Events during the 2012 season. The exact number has yet to be set, but the schedule will include the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East event at the Bainey family's CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, PA - Saturday, July 14th!


"I'm really excited about 2012," said Tim Jr. "We wanted to do something fun again, and this deal is going to let us do just that. To be able to have 2 great brands like Window World and DelGrossos together for a program like this -- its going to be a lot of fun... and to be able to run a NASCAR Series Event right here in Central Pennsylvania -- that is just awesome!"


More details including a complete schedule of appearances and events will be released soon through the teams official website at www.timjr.com.


ALL NEW TimJr.Com Website Uploaded... 2012 Plans Coming Soon!



Tim Bainey Jr. finishes 27th in NASCAR TRUCK Series Event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in #06 Brackett Motorsports Chevy


Tim Jr. came home with a 27th place finish for the #06 Brackett Family Motorsports Team this past weekend.


"We had a lot of fun this weekend at Loudon," said Tim Jr. "I think it was a great experience for the team and with everything they are working on, I'd say the future looks pretty good for them."


"I got to know Dale and Valerie this past winter, they are great people and are really building a great program with their team. When I got the call from them asking about being a part of their new NASCAR Team at Loudon, it was an easy decision."


Tim Bainey Jr. finishes 25th at

Pocono Speedway in the

#48 DelGrosso Chevrolet...


"We had a lot of fun this weekend," said Tim Jr. "It was great to be out there in the DelGrosso NASCAR Truck today, it's something we've been working towards for a long time and for us to make it this far together... we'll it's just pretty cool," he ended with a smile.


There was a lot to smile about for Tim Jr. and the #48 DelGrosso Racing Team this weekend. They ended day on the lead lap with a 25th place finish in the NASCAR Truck Series Inaguaral Event at Pocono Speedway....

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Tim Bainey Jr. finishes 33rd at Nashville SuperSpeedway in “Nashville 200”


Tim Bainey Jr. drove the #48 La Famiglia DelGrosso Chevy to a 33rd place finish in the “NASHVILLE 200” Friday Night as it was TELEVISED LIVE on SPEED.

 “We had a much better run than the weekend showed,” said Tim Jr. “We only got 9 laps of practice in, but our DelGrosso Chevy was pretty decent off the truck. We were 27th on the charts before everyone put stickers on to do their qualifying runs, so I was pretty happy with that.”

“We had a little mix up on tire pressures in qualifying and the Truck really tightened up. I was hoping that we could get down in the 31’s with stickers, but it didn’t work out that way. We got things right for the race and just concentrated on getting some track time through the early stages.”



Tim Bainey Jr. Finishes 31st in “E-Z-GO 200” at Atlanta Motor Speedway

“It was a great experience to get started with the Fast Track Team,” said Tim Bainey Jr. after climbing from the #48 La Famiglia DelGrosso Chevy after exiting the race early with power steering issues.


“It wasn’t quite the finish we were shooting for,” said Tim Jr. “But overall - for our first time out with the #48 team – getting to know everyone, learning how to work with the crew, seeing how things are approached, the personalities, and everything that goes on in building a successful relationship within a team – I’d say the weekend was a success.”