Tim Bainey Jr. and Nikki Grace

Debut the New Aaron's Dream Machine Hummer H3 -

and Layout Some Very Notable Goals for the Future!



Taking the sport to the fans is what racing is all about. Few have ever done so much as Central Pennsylvania Driver Tim Bainey Jr., his family, and his family owned racing team. But what they have done in the past - now looks like only the beginning in what is yet to come from this widely recognized and well respected Racing Family Name.


 "I'm so thankful for everything we have been able to do through racing, its taken a lot of hard work from a lot of great people - family, friends, and even a few strangers that would soon become a part of the family - but every step of the way has been more than worth it to get to where we are at today," said Tim Jr.


It's no secret the Bainey Family has done a lot of racing through the years. Tim's dad competed at a number of levels across the country for over 20 years - and Tim Jr. is already into his 9th year of competition - but all the success in the world on the track, couldn't compare to the success they have seen off-the-track when it comes to winning in the hearts and minds of fans across the country.


"Don't get me wrong, we really want to win, and right now I think we are there - it just has to come together for one good night," said Tim Jr. "But at this level it's not an easy thing to do. When you hit a slump - it can stick you a little. So you can't let it get you down, but at the same time that is where everything else we do really picks you up."


"The stuff we do off the track has always been kind of natural to us I think. I guess I was just brought up in a really close family, my dad, mom, and brothers are a big part of what we do, and well - I think that's the key part of it. We like to smile and we like to see people smile. I guess that's a good addiction to have..." he finished with a smile of his own.


As for the latest in their campaign, Tim Jr. and his fiancÚ Nikki Grace have laid out an exciting, thoughtful, and meaningful plan of their own that will only add to their recognition and reputation among those they come across it their travels - as Tim Jr. drives the well known #00 Aaron's Dream Machine Race Car.


"Timmy and I love being able to do what we do everyday of our lives, we spend so many great times with so many great people - and we really have a lot of fun doing it!" said Nikki.


"Timmy loves to talk to people, and so do I - and his racing career has really opened a lot of doors when it comes to doing some really good things that I think truly do reach people. A lot of times you don't realize how just a little bit of your time can really make a difference in the life of someone else... and we just want to do as much as we can."


"I've never seen a little kid, parent, or grandparent have a conversation with Timmy and not smile -at least twice - it's because he truly enjoys it."


"We are fortunate to have such great people behind us like Aaron's. They are a big company, but the people we work with are so nice and they share in the same kinds of things we believe in... and the DelGrosso Family, the people at Sutliff, and the Navaskys - everyone that is involved with our team, their reputations complement one another. We are very fortunate to be surrounded by such good people."


Nikki then went on to describe the New "Dream Machine Adventures" project they will be working on through their everyday travels.


"We know that anywhere we go, people already associate Timmy with his sponsors and the race team - so we figured we would take it one step further and really make the best of it for everyone - our family, our sponsors, and the fans."


We have laid out 3 main goals with our new 'Dream Machine Adventures'."


"One is of course to have every Aaron's Racing Fan in the country, as well as any other fans we run into, get their picture taken with Timmy and I beside the Aaron's Dream Machine Hummer in our travels."


"Second - is that we can help the Navasky Foundation in putting another 100,000 'One Less Tear' Music CD's into the hands of Cancer Patients, their families, friends, and loved ones. Chuck Navasky and his family are a real class act, and their efforts in helping those fighting cancer and dealing with all that goes along with it is truly an amazing story."


"And Third - is to just keep meeting good people in everything that we do."


"I think they are all reasonable, and just pursuing them together will be very rewarding in itself," finished Nikki.


Tim Jr. added, "We want to make a difference, whether its a picture, a conversation, or even a smile - we want people to know we really appreciate the fact that they take their time to support us."


"You can't always control what happens on the Race Track, but Nik and I can take control of what we do in our time off the track - and with the great people at Aaron's, along with our friends at Sutliff Hummer, DelGrosso's, and the Navasky Foundation for Life - we are setting out to continue doing what we have always done... and try to make as many new friends as we can along the way."


You can keep up with Tim Jr. and Nikki through the "Dream Machine Adventures" Link at www.timjr.com.featuring photos from every outing or event they attend.