Tim Bainey Jr. and the #00 Aaron’s Dream Team Running 5th When Cut Tire Takes Them Out of Contention

Tim Jr. and the #00 Aaron’s Dream Team were well on their way to a very strong finish during the “BFGoodrichTires.com 250” ” at Lake Erie Speedway Saturday Night. But a cut LF tire, while running in the 5th position - would take the Dream Machine out of contention for the win.


“This was one of the best cars I’ve had in a while,” said Tim Jr. “The Dream Machine has been really good the last 4 or 5 races, and we really had it tuned in again tonight.”


Tim Jr. and the #00 Dream Machine were impressive from the start.


“I messed up a little getting off turn two in qualifying,” said Tim Jr. “I was pretty sure we had a top-10 car and was just trying to get everything out of it. I got sideways and had to back out of the gas, so we ended up 24th overall.”

When the green flag dropped, Tim Jr. and the #00 Dream Machine took off on an impressive tear through the field. By lap 45 they were inside the top-10, and by lap 60 inside the top-5.


Then on lap 69, while running in the 5th position – Tim Jr. would cut a left front tire down. Unable to get the Dream Machine back down to the bottom of the track, he was forced to drive a few laps before eventually stopping high in turn 4 and bringing out the caution.


Once the caution was out he would bring the #00 Dream Machine to pit road, but the damage to the suspension from dragging on the track was extensive and the Aaron’s Dream Team Pit Crew would have their work cut out for them.


“The car was really good,” said crew chief Dan Bainey. “If we could just get a race in without something like this happening… I don’t know how you explain the kind of luck we’ve been having – it’s just been ‘no good’ - - BUT – Man was that #00 Aaron’s Dream Machine fast tonight!”


“The car was really good,” said Tim Jr. “When the tire went flat, the suspension was dragging the track and it ground some of the parts really bad. My Aaron’s Dream Team did a great job getting it back together and allowing us to salvage a decent finish for the night.”


When he returned to the track, the Dream Machine was still one of the fastest cars on the track. One the restarts he would settle in line behind the 3rd place car and run most of the event right with the leaders.


“It’s never fun when you’re a lapped car, especially when you’re a fast lapped car. But that’s when you have to remember to give a lot, we always try to stay out of the road – and usually that favor comes back around to us when we are running up front and passing lapped cars,” said Tim Jr.


“Overall we had a really good night,” he continued. “Its too bad we cut the tire, we’ve had some crazy luck these last few races, but we won’t let that get us down. I just look around and see all these guys on our Aaron’s Team, the family we have and all the great fans we have – they are all 100% behind us – and there is no way that you can let something like a flat tire… or two… get you down!” He finished with a smile.


With a 19th place finish Tim Jr. and the Aaron’s Dream Team climbed to 15th in the Championship Standings.


You can keep up with Tim Jr. and the #00 Aaron’s Dream Team at www.timjr.com, the next event for the team is Saturday Night August 11th at South Boston Speedway in South Boston, VA.


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