Tim Bainey Jr. & the #00 Aaron’s Dream Machine to be at Annual “Pizza Bowl” on behalf of the Navasky Foundation for Life



It’s going to be a Great Night of Fun for the Family – this Saturday May 19th for the 1st Annual “Pizza Bowl” benefiting the Navasky Foundation for Life in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania.


A Heisman Trophy winner, a Super Bowl Champion Football Player, an upcoming Country Music Artist, and a number of other great individuals will join Tim Bainey Jr. and the #00 Aaron’s Racing Team this Saturday Night for the evening’s festivities.


“I’m so proud to be a part of the Navasky Foundation for Life,” said Tim Jr. “I’ve known Chuck and the Navasky Family for a long time – they are some of the best people you will ever meet. The work they do through their foundation is just amazing!”


Tim Jr. and the #00 Aaron’s “Dream Machine” will be on hand, along with many of the Aaron’s Racing Team Members.


“It’s going to be a lot of fun, my whole family is going to be there, most of the race team, and a lot of friends. It’s going to be a great time for us to get to spend a night just hanging out with everyone… and in the meantime raise some money for a great cause.”


You can read more about the Navasky Foundation for Life below.


You can keep up with Tim Jr. and the #00 Aaron’s Racing Team at www.timjr.com, the next racing event for the team is Saturday Night May 26th in the “Sears Auto Center 200” at Madison International Speedway in Wisconsin.


About the Navasky Foundation for Life

The Navasky Foundation for Life is a registered 501C3 Non-Profit Organization founded by Chuck Navasky and his wife, Jaye. Based in Philipsburg, PA - our mission is to make the world a better place for our Children and Grandchildren in all aspects of life.

For many years, they have been working together to help make a difference for the millions of people who have been afflicted by this other form of terrorism called cancer.  Through concerts, CD sales, speaking engagements, and fund raising events, they have been able to generate substantial funding for cancer research centers here in Pennsylvania. 

The foundation now allows them to expand their efforts to the whole United States.  With Chuck’s large network of connections in the men’s clothing business, sports world, and entertainment industry, he can now sponsor events nationwide enabling him to raise even more needed dollars for cancer research. 

The foundation supports two very worthy causes.  Fifty percent of all funds raised will benefit cancer patients and research - the other fifty percent will be earmarked to promote youth oriented programs such as drug and alcohol education, big brother and sister programs, and other activities that are instrumental in keeping our children and grandchildren headed on the right path.  The foundation believes that the course of a person’s life is greatly defined by his or her childhood experiences.

The foundation is governed by a twelve person board of directors, and this board makes the decisions on how the funds are disbursed.  The foundation’s 501(c)3 nonprofit status gives its financial supporters the benefit of using their kind and generous donations as tax deductions.

The Navasky Foundation for Life is not only dedicated to creating “one less tear” for those battling cancer, but also wants to nurture and educate America’s children to help make their road to adulthood a little less bumpy.

You can find out more or even make a donation to the Navasky Foundation for Life through their website at www.navaskyfoundation.com.