Tim Bainey Jr. and the Aaron’s Dream Team

Look Forward to Radford


Tim Bainey Jr. and the #00 Aarons Dream Team have been very strong as of late. In each of the last 4 events the Aaron’s Dream Machine has spent most of its time running inside the Top-10, but a blown tire, a broken alternator, and now twice being caught up in accidents that happen in front of them - has made for what some could see as a frustrating few weeks for the team.


“Well – it’s something like that,” said Tim Jr. “We try not to let things get to us, after the way the last few events have gone that could be a little challenge for any team. But really, I would have to say our Aaron’s Dream Team is more excited than anything.”


“We’ve ran so strong in all but the first event this year, so its hard to get down about things. We’re definitely a top-10 team, and I think the last 2 we have been top-5 contenders. It’s a little tough, but really it feels great to run as strong as we have… I think we are going to pull something bigger than just a ‘top-10’ off any race now – so we will just keep doing what we’re doing and see if we can’t shake this off.”


We really had a good car at Radford last year,” said Tim Jr. “We sat on top of the speed chart all day in practice, and really got the car dialed in to the new surface. Hopefully we can do it again this trip,” he finished with his trademark smile.


You can keep up with Tim Jr. and the #00 Aaron’s Dream Team at www.timjr.com, the next event for the team is Saturday Night July 14th at Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, VA.


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